Flora LaRayne & Francisco

Sacred Art Effects

Inspiring & Empowering readings with Flora LaRayne

I am an Intuitive visionary ...

A seeker in life , to heal and grow,
I have become a 
lifelong student of the mysteries.
I have worked with many modalities of healing and alternative therapies;  massage, energy work, sound healing , crystals,
shamanic studies , ceremony, intuitive readings
retail, and other customer service trades. 

For over 15 years I have been working with clients, offering
new perspectives and pathways for transformation and  healing in
personal empowerment and spiritual guidance through readings.

My journey as an intuitive has been deeply woven with a connection
to the divine, it is a humble and loving calling,
that I never imagined would be my service in the world. 
I love to share this work with my clients, as we open up the field,
in love and reference, we are accessing the higher wisdom
and guidance available through "reading the aura",
the energy field around  and within the body.

Through prayer and intention for the highest good,
I offer spirit to spirit communication, and new perspectives,
potentials, and clarity come through.

  Opening the field and offering the assistance of our
Angels, Guides, Ancestors,
and our own Source or Soul Essence;
our session becomes an interactive healing
with unlimited potential. 

I am deeply honored to read my clients, and feel blessed
to share the love, light, and positivity that flows from
the guidance  we share. 
I believe we attract who we need to work with or
assist us on our journey, and I am blessed to have shared
these alternative healings with so many amazing people.

Healing is individual, and optional....
We truly have a destiny, our own. 

 Readings are to assist, expand the mind, heart,
imagination, and  to empower ignite and empower.

No information is definite, the power of your thoughts, choices,
intentions and actions affect all outcome. 

Looking into the mystery~ via a sacred witness,
and releasing old perspectives, beliefs, concepts;
frees one from limitation, guilt, and blame.  
Creating and opening new pathways to "reconstruct"
 how one  can perceive their life,
from pain and suffering to Joy and deep reverence. 


Asking God, our angels and guides to assist us,
brings in our Spiritual well springs
of hope, inspiration and faith
that our journey has meaning and purpose.  
These beings & energies raise the frequency
bringing in "even more" light, mana,
divine essence to assist One on their journey. 
An energetic elixir of love. 

January 1999 when I swam with the dolphins. 
a renewed sense of joy, remembrance,
love and awakening radiated through me, and I found that

 rekindled my natural intuitive abilities. We are One!
The cetaceans blew open my heart and the love and ecstasy of our
Oneness connection changed my life.   



Miracles are Love in action

As I embraced this part of my Healing abilities, and journey, my life path has blossomed with opportunities to "read people" all over the world, and to manifest and live a magical life.

My faith comes from within,
a reservoir of LOVE that is more than me.



It is my soul and essence of which has been in service for the greater good for a very long time. As I continue to share these connections with others, always with the intention for the highest good,

To see themselves as a spark of the Divine, unique, important, loved and valued.
Offering Divine reflections and possibilities.



I am not a medical doctor nor do I claim
any special powers our abilities ~ other than my own. 

My readings are to reflect and vision the life you live
and to open new perspectives .
Weaving your personal story with the mind, body, spirit;
your session accesses the fields of possibilities,
and miracles happen.

Miracles are the wondrous every day occurrences
that affirm you are in synch with the universe.


I see you...and offer my Loving perspective....to assist you
on your journey, and In light in, the path ahead.

Opening the field, expanding, igniting....the beauty way of You!    

Divine Reflections  offer you an opportunity

to explore the possibilities, activate your Heart awareness,

and invite your Soul Intention.


Sessions are available on the Phone, via Skype,
at Wise Awakening & Private office appointments

Prices vary based on length and type of Session...
All Donations accepted in Love & Gratitude!!!

[email protected]    (360)756-6444



THANK YOU -for opening your heart and mind, In Light, in the moment!!!!



In the light of my Becoming...

In the light of my becoming

My heart swells with remembering

warmth, colors, flowing,

an ocean of Love.


Currents of sound, sensation, elation,

gather me, whimsically, one with home.


Beyond my horizon I am an axis

connected above and below.


Center me here, fill me with air

earth is the matter I own.


transmuting with fire,

 I change, alchemical journey


I surrender myself to you ....